Spaces, Changes & memory

2015 | concept, performer, video installation

Perspective upon the behavioural act of entering and existing the space

Current Duration: 25 minutes

A mixed media performance, created at the Healing Hill Art Residency (India) talks about the referential memory of an instance enclosed in a space, the attcahment towards it and the finding similarities & dis-similarities between- the new space the body.self is in & the old space the body.self was. The old space is also present in a digital.self form.

Showings have taken place under :
― 2015, Residency showing at Healing Hill Art, India

Video installation (Unfortunately the performance was not video documented)


Review (zoomed)


Concept, choreograhy, performer
Jaskaran anand

Tapati Chowdhury

Supproted by
Healing Hill Art, Morni Hillls, India & Chandigarh Art University, India

Upcoming projects

11.11 // 2000h
and 12.11// 2000h @ Teatro India, Rome

- a kick-off event with Playful Bodies Intervention in the context of Stadt Labor opening
open the doors for Trans.DisCity in Linz
on 23.11.2023 / 19.30 h
@ Nordico City Museum Linz

- Violence in Translation (Intervention Workshop in Museum)
in context of the exhibition Fremde- Über den künstlerischen Zugang zum Anderen
30.11 // 18.00h
@ Lentos Art Museum Linz

02.12 // 12.00h (tbc)
Starting point: Stadt park with
@ Klasse für Alle