Opacity IV

2019 | performer, collaborator

OPACITY#4 interrogates bodily representations that erase difference.

Current Duration: 20 minutes

Photo Credit: Gianluca Di Ioia

The performance "Opacity" interrogates a series of representations of the body that tend to flatten out the cultures of difference, determining a fixed, extensive and universalistic character of the concept of identity itself and orienting any real possibility of knowledge with imaginative oppression. Starting from an investigation into the dichotomies of culture, transparency, opacity, light, darkness, progress backward, the evoked Opacity arises precisely from the shift of meaning between the neurotic need for definitions and the overcoming of stable, unitary and controllable in a "transparent" manner.

Through OPACITY#4 Salvo Lombardo deconstructs assumptions to critique the n otion of the West as origin of signification.

Upcoming dates:


September 23rd - Potenza (IT)


Concept, Direction, Choreography Salvo Lombardo

Jaskaran Anand

Fabrizio Alviti

Lights and video
Maria Elena Fussacchia

Ariella Vidach AiEP, FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts, and Chiasma

Upcoming projects

06.04.2023 // 19:30h

"Democratic Exercices – Body at Risk" collaboration with and by Vana Kostayola and Memphis gallery @ Belvedere 21 under Über das Neue