Work Possibilities

2013 | concept, choreographer, performer

A duet exploring the behavioural pattern of work and a self

Current Duration: 10 minutes

Life runs behind work. This piece is about work and the chase behind that. It is how we sometimes run behind work, follow it and chase it. Also work comes to you. It is the journey for work behind you, you behind the work, you following work, work following you, some work that you don't want comes to you and sometimes you go behind the work. It is also when possibilities work for us.

There is no conclusion but a journey.

  • Performance @ Zorba-The Buddha

  • Performance @ Zorba- The Buddha

  • Performance @ Zorba- The Buddha

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― 2013, Zorba-The Buddha, New Delhi

Full length performance


Concept, choreograhy
Jaskaran Anand

Jaskaran Anand and Amith Kumar

Supproted by
Friends of Art, Contemporary Arts Week-New Delhi

Upcoming projects

06.04.2023 // 19:30h

"Democratic Exercices – Body at Risk" collaboration with and by Vana Kostayola and Memphis gallery @ Belvedere 21 under Über das Neue