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Born in New Delhi (IND) and based in Linz (AT) since 2015, Jaskaran Anand  (1992) is a performance-maker, performer/dancer, researcher, organizer and a pedagogue. He completed his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Delhi, India, and obtained a second/third combined degree in Dance Performance & Dance Pedagogy from Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria.

His research is invested in deconstructing the concept of Self.Self : fascinated by the nature of spirituality, the psychological & neuroscientific understanding of the self & socio-political society. He orientates his research in conscious re-unification of the collective.self and dig on the factors that may segregate an individual to create a reality of its own.self : due to the interaction, sensation & perception with other objects present in an individual’s environment.

In his research, he refers the neuroscientific hypothesis on the working of the Self by Antonio Damasio, Georg H. Mead’s psychological concepts of True.Self & False.Self-identities which are further related to the Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, the concept of Avataar & quantum mechanics theory that form a philosophy: the Self guides through the knowledge & ignorance of the matter that is forming a reality in a space-time continuum it is present in.
In his interdisciplinary works, he uses various artistic media, always focusing on the human body, which reflects the above-mentioned themes.

Since 2016, he is combining his artistic practices & informatics education. His work has been shown across Austria, New Zealand & India while developing projects aiming the diversification of the art & cultural scene of the city of Linz. He has deeply invested himself in the research of his ongoing art, science & cultural projects:
L-INKED , A New Day, Hibernating Further and MachinedHuman! . "L-INKED" and “A New Day” are projects that embody an intersectional perspective on gender, sexuality, culture & identity. “Hibernating Further” deals with the future of the ecology & psychological aspect of the society. “MachinedHuman”, a cyborg, is a durational installation-performance reflecting upon the philosophy of post humanism.
In relation to his upcoming research project "In-between Privacy” an article which philosophizes the psychological working of the society in regards of private/public space definitions & uncanny digital world was published in an edition of KUPF- Cultural Platform of Upper Austria.

Since 2017, he leads various movement body-conscious improvisation workshops : “Transcending Ego(s)”, “City Swarming: a dance marathon” and “Playful Bodies”. He has taught them at Public Moves organized by ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, PANGEA- Wekstatt der Kulturen Linz , Furore Festival conducted by the Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg, on the streets of Linz and at Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (Akademie der Zeitgenössischer Tanz & pedagogical project).

Since 2018, he is working as a collaborator performer with an Italian cultural association “Chiasma” by Salvo Lombardo and since 2019, with a German choreographer & researcher Dr. Sandra Chatterjee on projects related to identity of the body, post-colonialism & racism.
Since 2019, he is also working for the digital archiving of the German intervention platform CHAKKARs- Moving Interventions.

He has also worked as an assistant choreographer for a National Award winning Indian feature film “Haider” in 2014, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj.
He had an opportunity to work as an artist-in-residence for RedSapata, Linz, be part of the research project MoR of Ufer studios, Berlin and Healing Hill Art Space, India. Since 2012, he is engaged in the European & Indian contemporary dance and performance art world where he has worked as a performer/collaborator with Ivo Dimchev, Dschungel Wien, Liz King/D.ID Dance Identity, Opera de Lausanne , Teatro della Tosse/Balletto Civile and has been part of festivals like ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival , Oriente Occidente, RomaEuropa, Tanztag Buergenland and Tanztage Vienna.

Jaskaran’s work has been generously supported by the following institutions and artists:

Linz Stadt Kultur, Linz Impulse2019, Land OÖ (Amt der Oö. Landesregierung), Kunst Universität Linz, DorfTV Linz, D.ID Dance Identity, RedSapata Tanzfabrik Linz , and Holykuti records UK
Robert Steijn, Karin Harrasser, Liz King, Stevie J. Sutanto, RENU (Renu Hossain) and Philosophy Unbound Vienna

Upcoming projects

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7.11- 8.11

Playful Bodies

at Akademie für Zeitgenössisches Ballett, Anton Bruckner University, Linz
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