2015 | concept, performer

Concept based on scientific working behind the earthquake

Current Duration: 8-10 minutes

An exploration-oriented showing during the residency/workshop with Katie Duck inspired from the scientific working behind the earthquake.

The three bodies, presented as one body, each having their own starting point of the earthquake in their bodies. The three starting points are : Head, Upper body and legs.
Each part experiences the progression of the earthquake from initial level to the extreme level leading to the adverse effect to rest of the body. This is in relation to how the earthquake begins with the crashing of plates and leads to the adverse effect of the upper layer of the earth.

Showings have taken place under :
― 2015, Residency showing at Play Practice Residency India



Jaskaran anand

Jaskaran Singh Anand, Louise Everarts de Velp and Marie Lykkemark

Alfred Genovesi

Documentation video
Katie Duck

Upcoming projects

06.04.2023 // 19:30h

"Democratic Exercices – Body at Risk" collaboration with and by Vana Kostayola and Memphis gallery @ Belvedere 21 under Über das Neue