Articles / Interviews



1. Zwischen Privatsphäre (DE) Kupf magazine OÖ, dated 10.06.2020 , related with the project In-between Privacy
a longer version available in English language : (EN)

2. Why I believe touch is important physicaldistancing performances , dated 20.12.2020 : related with the project "In-between Privacy"


Interview : How plastic kills people and the world
in Večer Slovenian Newspaper , dated 08.09.2021, regarding the production "Hibernating Further" (2019)

Interview : Dance is a liberating force!
brut wien magazine , dated 15.01.2021 : related with the production "L-INKED"

Upcoming projects

11.11 // 2000h
and 12.11// 2000h @ Teatro India, Rome

- a kick-off event with Playful Bodies Intervention in the context of Stadt Labor opening
open the doors for Trans.DisCity in Linz
on 23.11.2023 / 19.30 h
@ Nordico City Museum Linz

- Violence in Translation (Intervention Workshop in Museum)
in context of the exhibition Fremde- Über den künstlerischen Zugang zum Anderen
30.11 // 18.00h
@ Lentos Art Museum Linz

02.12 // 12.00h (tbc)
Starting point: Stadt park with
@ Klasse für Alle