2016 | choreographer, performer

Self-denial or emotional habits?

Current Duration: 12 minutes

A dance performance that talks about the process of acquiring a habit.

We become the person from changes through time and adaptation of habits. There are different layers of developing into a habit and each time we cross a layer the previous becomes the usual. The psychology of learning and making a habit is explore d here and we have the decision to let the effect of the substance overpower or not, the decision lies within .

This physical theatre piece is constructed around the habit of smoking and the reaching of it to the uncontrollable level of it. The plan is to understand the feelings of a smoker at every layer- from curious, initiated, Regular, Controlled , Advanced to PRO. The effects after crossing each layer are depicted through the performance.
The motivation comes from my colleagues and my experience of developing a habit to smoke in which we all are at different layers and the difference in controllability over the habit. I don't want to say Quit smoking but it is just an example to make oneself realize that before we become pro with any habit at every layer we have the decision to do it or not, the decision lies within our self.

Showings have taken place under :
― 2016, Tanz Tag by Tanz Coop Wien

― 2016, Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz

Trailer from performance at Tanz Tag Wien


Concept, Choreography, Performer
Jaskaran anand

Alfred Genovesi

Documentation video
Tanz Coop

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