The Transcription/ Appearing in Disappearance

2021-2019 | performance-maker, performer, director

Current Duration: 15 minutes

Photo Credit: Didi Elena

Some keywords: Relationships, definitions, borders, dominance, manipulation

These series of performances throws light upon the Shakti that can be collectively & individually transformed. It talks about the architectural, personal, cultural & social influences that transform the concept of Shakti in a physical form(s).
It deals with appearing & disappearing codes of relationships in a socio-political environment. By unlearning the unnecessary, the idea is to find the true & innocent nature of being in a relationship.
The performance aims to create a natural site-specific scenery and explore the disappearance of the trained self in that scenery.

Jaskaran asks “How one perceives relationship(s)? What are realms of a relationship? How does one define a relationship? Is there a role of dominance in the definition of the relationship?

It further aims on merging stereotypes of relationship(s) esp. between a man & a woman and focuses on the disappearing of the physical elements like a trained dancer’s body disappears to express the emotions, the music in open air floats with the particles of the air, the architecture/space merges/creates a scenery, and the public becomes the performer & the performers are the public. Every moment is different yet there is a common base that keeps people in a relationship. I want to share this very essence through the project.

  • Photo Credit: Didi Elena

  • Photo Credit: Didi Elena

  • Photo Credit: Didi Elena

― 2019 & 2020 RedSapata Linz

Showings have taken place under :
― Waermepol 2019, Kunst University, Linz


Concept, Direction, Choreography
Jaskaran Anand

Jaskaran Anand and Simona Stangova

Musicians/music performers
Karen Schlimp, Ashley do Rego

Costume, Stage Design and Dramaturgy
Jaskaran Anand with Karen Schlimp

Documentation video
Stefan Fuchs, in collaboration with DorfTV

PR, Organization
Jaskaran Anand with Karin Schneider

Supported by
RedSapata Tanzfabrik Linz ; Kunst Vermittlung Museen der Stadt Linz (NORDICO) via Karin Schneider; and Wärmepol, Kunst Universität Linz

Upcoming projects

11.11 // 2000h
and 12.11// 2000h @ Teatro India, Rome

- a kick-off event with Playful Bodies Intervention in the context of Stadt Labor opening
open the doors for Trans.DisCity in Linz
on 23.11.2023 / 19.30 h
@ Nordico City Museum Linz

- Violence in Translation (Intervention Workshop in Museum)
in context of the exhibition Fremde- Über den künstlerischen Zugang zum Anderen
30.11 // 18.00h
@ Lentos Art Museum Linz

02.12 // 12.00h (tbc)
Starting point: Stadt park with
@ Klasse für Alle