Moving Energies

since 2016

Also named as "Transcending Ego(s)" (2020-2019) and "Moving Ego's" (until 2019)

Photo Credit:Philip Henze

Some keywords: Time perception, quantum.self, emotionalized body

An emotional journey of the self via the physicality of the body, "Moving Energies" is a body(brain is part of the body) oriented physical research-workshop combining the meditative, sports, body awareness, and self-awareness practices.

Playing with the perception of time via the internal-external frequencies to the human body and digging deep into the physical limits of the body, the research is idealized to drive oneself to a point where the mind can perceive from a distance the process of one’s own sensation and find their own perspectives to the ideas of what “I” do and why “I” do, considering that there is nothing wrong or right in the discovery of an individual's core.

Based on dance and theatrical improvisation techniques, the workshop is designed to work on group dynamics and individual explorations: The focus of the process is to dive deep in the know-how of the body to further enjoy the in-between journey of the “I” and the trained psychological self of an individual.

The research-workshop thereby aims to manifest the emotionally derived physical power of the human body in space-time dimensionality.

Upcoming dates:

2021 (affected due to Corona situation)

in cooperation with PANGEA & Interface Cultures Department, Kunst Universität, Linz

Earlier dates:

― 2019, Community class: PANGEA, Linz, Austria
― 2018 & 2017 for dancers & musicians at Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria
― 2016, Furore Festival, Academy of Baden Wuttemberg, Germany

Upcoming projects

30.07// 1700h
@ Badeteich

01.07// 1700h
@ MQ Wien
under Public Moves

a structure-based improvsation workshop between trance and social dances
@ ImPULStanz Vienna International festival