a participative-interactive-performative installation that questions the existing.

established 2018 (re-programmed and environment design 2021) | concept, direction, production, performance

Duration: 50 -60 minutes

Photo Credit: Patricia Cadavid

Some keywords: Sensory Cyborg, Emotions & feelings, 3D Printer
#hybridentity #machinedhuman #integration #cyborg #sensitive #emotion #socialprogramming #technicalprogramming

A sensory cyborg, an enthroned instance, apparently half human and half machine is present in the space. Activated through human-interface interaction the entity reacts to the movement of the mouse and the mouse click leads to a search for the essence. Moving the heart of the entity moves the entity.
Originated in 2018, MachinedHuman! existed as acyborg, a hybrid machine-human entity, created by the relation between Jaskaran Anand and a 3D printer that questions the existing.
In 2021, the entity and the environment was collectively re-programmed into a news space-setup , designed by Jaskaran Anand, via 8 visible input stations where station 1 to 6 are directly accessible to public and 7 & 8 with the permission of the handler/technician.
The installation reflects on the emerging dominance of the machine over the human being and integrating human-machine interaction which contradicts the artist as a human performer. The artist is convinced that in the end the human body-minded brain, and thus the human being who is the creator of the machine, will always be the superior.

  • Photo Credit: partcipant 2021

  • Photo Credit: partcipant 2021

  • Photo Credit: partcipant 2021

Participants in 2021 , are provided with an instruction manual to operate the environment at different layers. At layer 1,the particiapnts are invited to create a synchronicity in programming the environment and and build characters from the present entity establishing an exchange and dialogue between each other, and with the entity through writing, movement of the mouse and calling. The calling station gives opportunity to participants to say a word in the ear of the machine ; which is a certain self-character-activator of the entity.
For the functioning of the second layer , the participants are given video-capturing, photo-capturing, and musical interfaces to dramatugize the situation.
At layer 3, a technician sits with light and audio composition which is accessible to the participants too.

  • Photo Credit: Wesley Lee

  • @ARS Electronica Festival
    Photo Credit: Tom Mesic

  • Photo Credit: Patricia Cadavid

Entity was present in/at:

- 2021 Theatre am Markt Brunnenpassage Wien

― 2018 , Sankt Interface, Interface Cultures, Linz

Snippet from ARS Electronica Festival 2019

MachinedHuman! 2019 Trailer

MachinedHuman! 2021 Trailer to be out soon


Concept, Direction, Installation, and human part of the Entity
Jaskaran Anand

Infrastructure and programming of technical part of the entity
Sergio Lecuona(front-end, back-end, interface programming)
with support from Wesley Lee (back-end support), Cesare Ecudero Andaluz (front-end, interface development) and Jaskaran Anand (front-end, interface development)

Jaskaran Anand
With support from Interface Cultures Department, and Kunst University Linz.

Installation Infrastructure 2021 , in cooperation with Brunnenpassage Wien

Re-programmed environment 2021

Audio (Soundscapes, noise, music and voice-over)
@stevie.sutanto (Mga Alon sa Batangas , Self-remission)
Jaskaran Anand

Event and Light Technician

Event and Sound Technician
Simona Kazakeviciute

Upcoming projects

06.04.2023 // 19:30h

"Democratic Exercices – Body at Risk" collaboration with and by Vana Kostayola and Memphis gallery @ Belvedere 21 under Über das Neue