Out Of Life


One of the major questions in this piece concerns a fundamental issue under discussion: how does dance, having taken on so many facets over the years, position itself these days? Liz King, one of the founding figures of the independent Austrian dance scene, has observed that many dancers negate the dance forms they learned, and that there is a strong, almost archaic urge for movement and cohesion among them. The long-time director of various dance companies, including Tanztheater Wien and the Vienna Volksoper ballet, has launched the Tanztage festival in Burgenland, manages the platform D.ID Dance Identity there and develops projects involving migrants. In Out of Life, five dancers go in search of the inner structures of dance as the art of movement.ImPulsTanz version: with special appearance of Liz King

Duration: 60 min

With: Jaskaran Anand, Len Hannack-Hammerl, Katharina Illnar, Liz King (special apperance), Eva Maria Schaller,, Filip Szatarski


Upcoming projects

06.04.2023 // 19:30h

"Democratic Exercices – Body at Risk" collaboration with and by Vana Kostayola and Memphis gallery @ Belvedere 21 under Über das Neue