In -between Private Spaces (EN)

2020| author

There is a definite perception of a private space & a public space for an individual, where the Individual.Self-acts/reacts according to its needs & understandings. I believe that everyone has a space which is directly or indirectly a public space, that one for itself has privatized or perceive personal. We have been continuing to build borders after borders & walls after walls making ourselves enclosed in a space which is inside another space (image of a Russian doll). All that we do in these boxed spaces is very “personal”. Nevertheless, the decision of the government today in this emergency made me think that the feeling “this is my life, I make my decisions” maybe never existed in its reality.
Before the emergency, one may have inferred that the introduction of their own home to others was a choice, but this wall has now been dropped as we see that there has been a clarity in the existing mix of the home space & workspace (privileged to people who still have work from home). Are such divisions that had been practiced for decades been stood still or are they still existing in another Avatar? The innate circumstances of the epidemic had not only brought the redefined definitions of practicing a public/private life of an individual to the surface but also throws light upon the socially defined practices of body expressions & interactions. For example, I believed that the way of expressing the desires of the bodily intimacy : kiss on the cheek, handshake, a hug, expressing compassion to near/dear ones etc. were guided by my desired.Self in that instance & made a conscious action about the same. That self-chose the option it liked, and it seemed to be a private decision of the self(s) involved in the interaction. Been guided under the regulations passed by the government for the protection of the society ,one can infer that such actions were never an individual’s desired choice, it was a system from where one could choose from to manifest it’s desires in close proximity to the available probabilities. This geo-political nature of the body is the strongest & weakest part of our civilisation . So is it that the body (brain is part of the body) which has been argued as the most private element known to an individual is as much public as we think it is private?
Futhermore, in this digital era, how well do we stand in our statement when we say it is “our life”? when we are willingly giving away our personal data to the provider of the services in addition to giving them the right of reusing, changing & redistributing the content which further can be easily hacked & stored in the cloud files and accessed by ample amount of people, unknown to that individual. It is also understood from historical/mythological stories that the body is the closest source to the human being in understanding this quatumn state of the universe that it exists in, which has been turned into a reality by every individual & as a collective to it's/their needs. We share psychological & emotional understanding, cultural behaviour & experiences influenced by atleast 1 or many individuals present in the physical dimension or in the hypothetical dimension known to us and in such manifestations there is no separation of “me”, there is a collective “I”. Thereby, I suspect that the knowledge about body.Self & digital.self is needed in our life(s) to grow as a society/civilisation.
In this growth we must also re-learn Corona Virus (i.e. a virus looking for its habitat) is not choosing its habitat in terms of color, class, creed, sex, or race. It floats around looking for a home. It seems to be an entity who has the most freedom right now. It can touch the black, it can touch the poor, it can touch the rich, it can touch any more- or less- efficient person for this working society. Whether the virus itself is conscious or not of its actions/reactions is unknown, but we, as individuals, consciously can drop these demarked differences & enter the world where we celebrate the interconnectedness of our society which is not based on a hunger-game system.

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